Karate Do
The Ultimate experience within the ancient fighting arts combining all the major Traditional,
Classical Japanese, Okinawan and Sport Karate concepts to function together as
ONE dynamic workstation of the utmost excellence
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For the more fitness, self defense orientated individual or amateur to Pro fighter -
these classes are designed specifically to take your mind and body to an absolute
different level of the extreme and beyond.
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Karate Do

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Welcome to Fighting Crow

We are the longest most successful standing Martial Arts fraternity within the Limpopo province situated in Polokwane. It is owned and headed up by South Africa’s very own multiple International Hall of Famer, Ex South African National Defense Force Karate Champion from the 80 era, only a handful still alive today still instructing, a Multiple SA National / All Styles Karate Champion in both Kata & Kumite during the late 70’s to end 90’s era  – a resume that simply speaks for itself.

Grand Master Professor Soke Henri Eksteen Founder and World President, 10th Degree Black Belt Grand Master who has over 4 and a half decades, 43 years at this current time, extensive experience within most of ALL the Traditional Martial Arts styles and systems globally making him a most unique professional individual in the ancient fighting arts world.

Eksteen is also one of the youngest Westerners EVER in the history of Martial Arts not just in South Africa but on the African continent to hold a legitimate 10th Degree Black Belt at the age of 58.

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