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We have decided recently to offer KARATE do online lessons for ANY PERSONS who cannot make it to our Dojo in order to practice with the rest of our Family of Warriors. This goes for anyone around the Globe and not just in South Africa. The member will receive once a month a single video clip to do his or her training with in depth explanation and the training concepts. You will be treated exactly in the same Disciplined environment as the existing members from our organisation, only difference the candidate will be on their own.

The exact same GRADING TO TTW DIFFERENT BELT RANKING STATUS will apply to the candidates. Basically all works tye same as being in a Dojo however u will be doing your training in the comfort of your own home. Although it will not be as effective as it is being in our Dojo with a massive group and whereby Grandmaster Eksteen can keep a watchful eye on the member, we still gaurentee optimal results and absolute enjoyment being part and parcel of our Online lessons division. This again ONLY APPLIES to candidates who qualify for this division and are not at all in any position whatsoever being able to get to our Dojo.

The candidates will also be screened accordingly. They will then be asked to send a monthly video back to Grandmaster Henri Eksteen in order to validate the progress being made of what has been demonstrated on Eksteen’s video clips. Pricing ans all other concerns will be explained on enrollment of the member.
Make use of this unique chance and opportunity NOW of our awesome Digital teaching platform complied by 10th Degree Black Belt, Grandmaster Henri Eksteen from South Africa.

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