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About Our Dojo

The organization is proud to state that the Dojo is built upon the late Madiba’s legacy – “SOUTH AFRICA – THE RAINBOW NATION & UNITY FOR ALL”

Furthermore each and every one of Eksteen’s students who joined the Dojo from a “tiny tot” and who has grown up in the dojo into adulthood, have ALL been successful TODAY, be it in college, school, university or the business world and that is simply just priceless. We are one happy Martial Arts Family  and this has been the secret to the organizations success for 23 years, we will therefore continue this legacy for future generations to follow.

The Martial Arts organization was founded in 1999 by Eksteen and 23 years later is still growing from strength to strength. We are proud to state , that we enforce proper Covid 19 protocol at our Dojo, we have had zero cases since we reopened our doors last year September 2020 to date. We are absolutely blessed and the safety of our people always comes first as a top priority.

We invite ANY NEW interested persons in joining our unique Martial Arts fraternity, You are MOST welcome. Just drop us an inbox or simply come and drop by our Dojo.

We at The Henri Eksteen Fight Club invites ANYBODY of all shapes, forms & sizes to join us TODAY to train karate, mma, boot camp and cage fighting in Polokwane Limpopo – The Martial Arts Hub of the North!

Meet the Team

Professor Soke Henri Eksteen

10th Degree Black Belt

Chief Dojo Head Instructor/Founder & World President

Sensei Khensani Mashela

3rd Degree Black Belt

Senior Dojo Head Assistant/ Kata Specialist & Assistant Chief Referee

Sensei Donald Mongoai

3rd Degree Black Belt

Dojo Assistant – Judge

Sempai Nonhlanhla Banda

1st Degree Black Belt

Assistant Instructor – Judge

Sensei Ziphathele (Bobby) Mnisi

2nd Degree Black Belt

Dojo Head/Owner – for our Branch Dojo in Mhluzi township, Middleburg Mpumalanga

Yudansha Edward Makobela

3rd Kyu (Brown Belt)

Assistant Instructor – Judge

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